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The Nokia E70 versus Apple iPhone

Nokia E70When I read this NSFW comparison of the Nokia E70 and the Apple iPhone, one phrase came to mind: Suck it, Trebek! Well that and ROTFLMAO.

The Nokia E70 ranks as one of my favorite phones. It was the next logical step-up from the Nokia 6820, also one of my favorites. Like the Nokia 6820 and the Nokia 6800 that preceded that, it has a keyboard that is hidden underneath the 12-digit keypad. You pull up the number pad and pull it all the way to other side of the screen. The screen picture rotates 90 degrees to match. Half the keyboard is on one side, the other half is on the other, as shown in this picture. It requires you to type with two hands, but it is amazingly effective.

I’d love to see Nokia come out with the next generation version of this form factor. What it needs compared to the Nokia E70 is:

  • Quadband GSM. The original E70 is tri-band, but comes in both Euro and US variants. I have a US variant, albeit a prototype unit.
  • A metric ton more RAM to run lots of applications.
  • A beefier processor.
  • A slightly better camera lens. The 2mp camera actually took decent pictures, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a 3 or 5mp lens on this thing.
  • US 3G would be a huge bonus. :)

It’s possible my colleagues at Nokia are working on such a device, but I have no knowledge that they are. If I did, I couldn’t tell you about it. This is just my daydreaming.

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