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Ding, Dong, SunRocket’s Dead! Call in the Vultures!

Dead ParrotIt’s funny. I started blogging over at The VoIP Weblog last Friday. Five of the six articles I’ve published at this point have involved the now defunct VoIP-provider Sunrocket. I’ve also written a bunch of non-Sunrocket stuff, but it will be published at a later date.

Over the past 48 hours or so, Vonage, Packet 8, ViaTalk, Lingo, and probably others have created offers to get you to transfer your service from Sunrocket to theirs. The offers vary, but give some additional discount above and beyond the usual sign-up discounts if you switch over to their service now. The most aggressive is the one from ViaTalk, which is essentially willing to give you the same deal as Sunrocket and give you a half the term you have remaining on your Sunrocket contract as credit (up to 6 months).

In my personal opinion, if you’re wanting to stay on VoIP. I would strongly consider VoicePulse. They are not making any gimmicky offers, but they are seeing some ex-Sunrocket customers signing up for service. I would also consider the Packet 8 offer. Both of these companies have run their businesses responsibly, profitably, provide great service, and are in this business for the long haul. Their service might cost a little more, but wouldn’t you rather pay a little more knowing your service provider will be there tomorrow?

(Hat tips to Voxilla and Russell Shaw)

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