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Why Ooma Is Dangerous

OomaYou know, with all the coverage on this topic, all of which I outline on my article on Ooma at The VoIP Weblog, I’m surprised nobody picked up on this doomsday scenario I am about to present.

Consider the following: someone through Ooma is using your line. You need to make a 911 call. What happens? Can you make that call? What happens to the poor schmuck who is using your line to make a call? Neither scenario sounds particularly good, either as the person attempting the 911 call, or the fact my call might get dropped. f course, the call through Ooma might get dropped for other reasons, such as your kid unplugging the box, a power outage, or any number of reasons related to the box getting physically molested.

The entire reason we maintain a landline in our home is it’s generally more reliable than the alternatives and 911 works. You don’t want to be thinking about that when you actually need 911.

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