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The Flaw With Media Sync and Nokia Nseries Devices

Nokia Media Transfer I have been using Nokia Media Transfer with the Nokia N76 that WOMWorld lent me for a couple of weeks. (I’m going to hate to give it back. sigh) Due to the lack of WiFi on the N76 and crappy EDGE service on AT&T, instead of using the Nokia Podcasting application–my app of choice when it comes to these things–I put my podcasts in iTunes and am using Nokia Media Transfer to get the podcasts (and some music) to my device.

The sync process, while not quite as elegant as an iPod, is pretty damn close. I plug in the N76, tell it to use PC Suite mode, then Nokia Media Transfer does the rest. Automatically. Perhaps not as quickly as my iPod, but at least I don’t have to think about it. It just works. It did require some setup on my part–mostly setting up the SmartPlaylists so I get a playlist for each podcast and a different playlist for music.

But here’s the flaw: in order for the changes in the playlist to be picked up by the Nokia N76, I have to inform the phone to Refresh Music Library. This problem isn’t unique to the N76, or likely any other S60 3rd Edition device. The Music Player seems to cache the information it previously read instead of reading it as needed–something reasonable to do with playlists–or providing any sort of option to refresh on application startup.

Anyone else have this problem with Nokia Media Transfer or other media syncing solutions and your Nokia Nseries device? Anyone have a way to work around this issue? Please leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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