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Review of AutoProfiles for S60 3rd Edition

Auto Profiles 1.0

One of my colleagues on the S60 Blogs passed along an opportunity to review the AutoProfiles application. In short, it allows you to set a schedule to automatically change the profile settings on your phone. For example, you can have it change your profile to “silent” at midnight, to “meeting” mode at 7am, “general” at 9am, then back to “meeting” at 9am.

Automatic changes to your profile can be one-time changes (i.e. on this date at this time, change the profile). The changes can be work-day specific changes (and you can pick the work days–nice–or weekend days. Or it can be something else.

The application basically runs in the background on boot and doesn’t appear to negatively affect the performance of the phone at all. The one flaw it seems to have on my phone is the ability to change to Meeting mode when I actually have a meeting scheduled on my calendar–a feature it supposedly has. (Update: yes it works). My meetings are all synced to my phone over either Mail4Exchange or Intellisync Mobile Suite, depending on the phone.

In any case, for $10 US, this program is a keeper. It’s a pity this functionality isn’t built into S60, though. A small subset of this functionality is available on the S40 phones, so it seems silly it’s not on S60.

Have you used AutoProfiles before? What’s your experience? Post them in the comments.

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