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Nokia N76 Users: Update QuickOffice

Quickoffice LogoI got word from some internal sources inside of Nokia that the Quickoffice application that’s pre-loaded on the Nokia N76 has some bug that prevent it from viewing some Microsoft Office attachment files (doc, rtf, xls, and ppt). The good news, however, is that the problem is easy to correct.

Head on over to the Download! application. Select Quickoffice from the main screen–at least it shows that way on my phone–and download the update. It’s approximately 2mb, which means if you’re not on some sort of unlimited data plan, you’ll have to pay the man for that extra data. However, your ability to view Microsoft Office documents will be vastly improved.

QuickOffice, as included on the Nokia Nseries devices, is a view-only application. If you want the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents, you’ll have to give Quickoffice $49.95 (US) for the privilege. Whether that’s worth it to you is not a call for me to make.

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