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Posting to Twango from Lifeblog or Online Share

TwangoI’ve been posting to Twango from Nokia Lifeblog application on my Nokia N95 for the past several days. Since Nokia bought the dogfood, I figured I’d better be a good corporate citizen and eat it. :) It’s not widely know how to do this, but here’s how you set up Lifeblog to post to Twango.

In Lifeblog, go to Settings > Blog, then Options > New Account. Set up as follows:

  • Account name: Twango (or whatever)
  • Username: your_twango_username
  • Password: your_twango_password
  • Server Address:

LonelyBob also let me know that you could do the same thing with the Online Share/Online Album. When you’re in the Online Services lists, go to Options > Settings > Advanced > Service Providers > Options > Add new provider. For the Web Address, use the Server Address listed above. Now you can create a new account in the application and enter your Twango username and password.
I’m told this isn’t official yet, so don’t expect support on it. That being said, it appears to be working okay. Try it out and let me know if it works for you by leaving a comment.

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