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Verizon Wireless Must Not Think Highly of Gig Harbor, WA

Here I am at my new house in Gig Harbor without broadband. Hey, I just took possession yesterday. Took three tries to get Comcrap able to accept my order for cable/High Speed Internet–that will be another post for another day. Install for that on Monday. My landline phone service with DSL won’t be set up until Wednesday. While I’m sure I could tether using Bluetooth to one of my phones, I decided I’d use the Verizon EVDO card to get online.

Being that my work laptop is still in the shop, I had to dig out one of my older laptops with a PC-card slot. This particular one hasn’t been updated in a few months. So, of course, it needs to download virus updates. Firefox is also a few point releases back. In the interest of making sure I wasn’t getting pwn3d, I did updates, of course.

The speeds on the virus updates were abysmal. The latest point release of Firefox is still downloading. I did a speed test and it looked like I am getting 58k/s, which is marginally better than dialup. Then again, the Verizon Wireless maps do say that most of Gig Harbor is without EVDO. The only parts of Gig Harbor that get EVDO are basically on the ocean and right across the water from Gig Harbor. Much of Gig Harbor is not in the EVDO footprint, which means punters like me can expect abysmal speeds.

Sheesh, even AT&T has HSDPA rolled out in Gig Harbor.  What’s up, Verizon Wireless? Can you hear me NOW

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