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Nokia Applauds FCC Decision To Require Open Access in 700MHz Spectrum

CarterfoneIt’s nice to see my employer is happy with the recent decision by the FCC to require companies that purchase spectrum in the upcoming 700MHz actions to actually permit any compatible device to connect. While I certainly applaud that as a consumer (not speaking for Nokia), I would like it even more if they applied these principles to the existing wireless spectrum. It’s called the Carterfone rules, as I’ve written about before.

It would be nice if I could figure out the right person(s) to discuss this with in Nokia. Believe me, I bring it up every chance it’s appropriate. Clearly this press release, which I will include after the jump, indicates that “open access” in the U.S. is something the company supports.

Do you want to be able to use any compatible device on the wireless networks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Nokia applauds FCC decision to require “open access” for U.S. 700MHz spectrum
July 31, 2007

Decision to benefit consumers by promoting greater competition and innovation in U.S. wireless industry

Helsinki, Finland – Nokia applauds the FCC’s decision to implement rules requiring a portion of the 700MHz spectrum being auctioned next year to be made available for “open access” for devices and services. This decision represents an acknowledgement by the FCC that U.S. consumers should have access to a broader choice of innovative wireless devices and services.


“Nokia believes that the Commission’s rules are an important step towards meeting consumer demand and driving further innovation as mobility and the Internet converge,” said Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. “We commend the FCC and Chairman Martin for taking the initiative to promote even greater competition and innovation in the U.S. wireless industry.”


Recognizing that all consumers have a need to communicate and share, Nokia is dedicated to offering a wide choice of mobile devices to consumers around the world. These innovative products include everything from simple, rugged phones that bridge the digital divide for first-time owners in emerging markets to fully-featured devices that deliver e-mail, music and video, GPS navigation, television and more to an increasingly connected and mobile population.


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