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ReBoot Getting a Reboot


One of my favorite TV shows from the 1990s was a cartoon called ReBoot. It was one of the first CGI cartoons out there, and it explored the people living inside your computers and network. Think Tron, but with better animation and better writing. Might sound boring to many of you out there, but for geeks, it was the bomb. And it was on Saturday Morning TV, at least in the US anyway.

Sadly, ReBoot didn’t survive long in the US, though the storyline managed to play itself out in Canada, where (then) Mainframe Entertainment originated, now part of Rainmaker Animation. Now the word is that the ReBoot saga is getting a reboot. Rainmaker is engaging their fanbase to try and tweak their storylines for a new ReBoot movie. There’s even a ReBoot Revival site!

I’d love to see some new stuff around the ReBoot characters and universe. Heck, I’d like to get the old shows on DVD or something. Might be fun to watch with Jaden. Well, maybe when he’s older since some of the later episodes veer outside of kid-friendly territory.

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