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Next Week’s Posts Mostly Planned

MapSomething I learned as a result of being paid to blog was the act of blogging ahead. Mostly because during this recent move, I had no idea what kind of Internet connectivity I was going to have. I wanted to ensure I was meeting my commitments, especially since I’m getting paid on my ability to meet them.

Then a funny thing happened: I started doing it here on as well, a blog where I am not getting directly paid to write. I realized that I liked not having to worry about having something posted every day. If I wrote far enough ahead, I could take a day or two off and not worry about having content written the day of, and, yet, still get content on the blog on consistent, predictable basis.

On occasion, I find it desirable to post something “out of cycle.” Nothing preventing me from doing that, of course. Also nothing preventing me from juggling the order of the queue, either. If anything, planning ahead actually gives me more freedom because I can write when I want to, not when I have to.

Have you noticed that I’ve done this? Has it improved the quality of my writing that you see here? Let me know in the comments.

Hat tip to Problogger for giving me the idea to blog about this.

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