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50 ways to make a phone call

The only thing my current arrangement with Voxilla and my interest in VoIP has given me is: lots of ways to make phone calls. Enough that I had to set up Asterisk to manage them all.

Which way do I use most? Depends on whom I’m talking to. I make a fair number of calls on a daily basis that never touch the PSTN. I make calls on my cell phone, mostly to other AT&T Wireless subscribers since I get free mobile-to-mobile calling. For conference calls (callins to 800 numbers), I use a number of services that provide 800 number access for free over VoIP.

I also have lots of inbound phone numbers from places like IPKall, Stanaphone, Broadvoice, VoicePulse, Broadvox. I don’t even remember half the inbound numbers I’m assigned. There are lots of possible ways to reach me, but they all terminate in one location: my Asterisk server.

The nice thing about having all these services is, if one is down, I’ve got plenty of others to try. If my Internet connection is down, there’s always my cell phone and the trusty PSTN line.

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