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Comcast Considers Top 0.01% of Bandwidth Users for Termination

TerminatorThis is completely and totally unsubstantiated, considering it comes from a random user on DSL Broadband Reports, but it does add fuel to the fire of what the heck Comcrap considers “excessive use.” Certainly the 0.01% number seems reasonable and would explain why they have been unable to state conclusively “what the bandwidth limit” is.

I personally think it’s janky that they have limits at all but:

  • Give you no way to know how much you’re using in the first place
  • Don’t give you any guidance other than “use less bandwidth or be terminated.”
  • Don’t give you the option to pay more to be allowed to use that much bandwidth, however much “that much” really is.

If the cable and telecom companies weren’t so in-bed with our politicians, we might actually get a law passed to prohibit these “squirrelly” use of words like “unlimited.”

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