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Mail For Exchange Goes 2.0

MfE AppOne of my favorite applications on my Nokia N95 just got better!

Mail for Exchange (MfE) is an application that lets you synchronize your Nokia Eseries and selected Nokia Nseries devices with an Exchange server using the ActiveSync protocol. A number of improvements are available in this release.

The most important from my perspective is the ability to look up people in the company directory. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to send email from my N95 and been stymied by the lack of ability to look up someone’s name to ensure I’ve got the right email address. Now MfE’s got it, not only when you’re sending messages, but as a separate application you can run. Anyone you look up can also be added to your mobile phonebook as well!

To show this feature off, I took a couple of N95 screenshots showing how this works. I looked myself up in the Nokia Corporate Directory:

Look up PhoneBoy Find PhoneBoy PhoneBoy Details

The next cool feature is the ability to respond to meeting requests from your mobile phone. You were not able to do that before. Now you can.

Tasks are also synchronized, which is quite cool. My boss showed me how to use Tasks more effectively in Outlook. I liked his method, so I adopted it for the time being. And now I get nagged repeatedly to do stuff I know I should. ;)

The MfE product is moving forward. I saw an internal roadmap for the MfE product and I was suitably impressed with the new features. The lightweight nature of the application makes it a clear winner for me. The new functionality in the 2.0 release was enough to push me over the edge to switch from Intellisync Mobile Suite on my main email device–the Nokia E61.

If you use Exchange and Nokia Eseries devices (or the Nokia N73, N76, or N95), then have a look at Mail for Exchange.

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