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My WOMWorld Tale

DHL Invoice HeaderSeveral weeks ago, WOMWorld sent me a device to trial. As is customary, they sent a new device with a DHL shipping label to return it after a couple of weeks. I finished with the device before the customary two weeks. I wanted to get it out of my hands so it didn’t get lost in my move, so I sent it back early.

Before I even attempted to give the package to DHL, I realized they didn’t include a Commercial Invoice I could use. At least when exporting from the US (and when I shipped via FedEx), I had to have four signed copies of a commercial invoice stating the contents and value. Fortunately, I had a form for that I was able to use–one I again stole from FedEx.

When I tried to give the package to DHL, the DHL airbill that WOMWorld filled out for my return was missing one of the slips and the DHL driver wouldn’t accept it. He gave me a new airbill, which I filled out using the old one as a guide. I had to do this fast, unfortunately, because DHL’s timing was particularly poor that day. I am pretty sure I had gotten the airbill right.

Meanwhile, it had been a few weeks and I hadn’t heard anything back from WOMWorld. Over the weekend in the mail, I got a bill from DHL for a total of $115.57 to cover the cost of shipping the device back to WOMWorld. I thought that was supposed to be paid for already?

Apparently, I’m not the only one this has happened to. It took a couple of days for WOMWorld to respond, but they will pay the bill. If I had known shipping the device back was going to cause me problems, I would have shipped it back a different way.

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