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HearMe? I Can’t.

HearMeA PR firm thought, in the wake of the Great Skype Outage of the 2007 and my coverage thereof, I might be interested in checking out some alternatives. HearMe looks like a multi-party conferencing solution that is tied into–surprise, surprise–Internet Explorer.

As primarily a Mac user, anything that requires Internet Explorer goes way down on my list of things that I’m going to check out. Certainly I’ve got plenty of PCs around to check these services out on, but they are generally for specific tasks. There are competing solutions, for example the stuff that Webdialogs does, which is now a part of IBM. At least their solution will run on a Mac as a client.

HearMe may, in fact, be a great product. However, it doesn’t fill a need that I have nor does it meet my requirements even if it did–it doesn’t run on the Mac.

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