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Freespire: Linux The Family Could Use?

FreespireIn the next few weeks, I am supposed to give a presentation to WSTPA about Ubuntu Linux. I’m not going to do death by PowerPoint, but rather demonstrate that, in fact, many of the common tasks you do on a Microsoft Windows OS can be done in Linux.

After reading Michael Robertson’s latest blog entry, I am tempted to show off Freespire. The main reason: it will, according to Michael Robertson, “install in a remarkable 10 minutes and offer out-of-the-box support of a wide range of multimedia without the tinkering that is commonplace in Linux.” It also has “an easy to use interface that XP users will find comfortable and adds non-open source software that most consumers expect (MP3, Flash, Windows Media) with support from popular hardware such as Nvidia and ATI graphic cards.” And, it’s based on Ubuntu, which in turn is based on Debian.

I will have to compare Ubuntu to Freespire for myself and see what’s easiest to get up and running. If you have any experience with Ubuntu and/or Freespire, share in the comments.

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