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Simplifying Telecom, Mobile Phones, Gadgets, Health, and More! has got to go has been my web host provider for a few years now. I’ve had several run-ins with their system administrators over various aspects of the service they provide. I’ve had to move various parts of due to load issues. The FireWall-1 Gurus Mailing List was running on csoft’s server, but is now running on a donated server in Denmark (kudos to Dubex A/S for the server. runs on a server donated by Data393 and egenity. The email for is still going through My wife’s domain is also being hosted off my account.

The csoft server I am on seems to now be having periodic problems where mail (IMAP and SMTP) just wedges for no perfectly good reason. Since I rely on my email, that’s unacceptable to me. I can understand the occasional problem, but I seem to have problems all the time with their IMAP server too.

You should also be warned the prices they list on their site do not take into account the fact the company is based in Quebec, which means they are charging the approximate US amount in Canadian dollars. This means currency conversion fees.

Looks like it’s time to say buh-bye to Now to find the time and place to move stuff. I could move the stuff over to my dedicated server at Data393. Hm….

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