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When Is That Show On?

Click to see LocateTV results for Dirty Jobs. Always up to date, always relevant to you.I’m not a big TV watcher. Most shows: I could care less. I did get into Heroes last season and am looking forward to this upcoming season.

Meanwhile, since we moved into this new place with a different channel lineup for the cheapest cable they offer, my son has discovered the show Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. He loves it.

That’s why I picked this particular show to demonstrate a new service I was let in on: LocateTV. It’s in private beta at the moment, thus why I had to be let in. The idea is: you want to find out when and where in the world you might be able to watch your favorite program.

I typed in Dirty Jobs into the LocateTV search engine and got a list of when shows were going to be on and what episodes they were going to show. You can also “embed” when the next show is going to be on, like I’ve done here. Or even when a particular episode is going to be on.

Part of the service uses your IP address to determine what time and station it should list. For example, when I searched on Heroes, it presented me a list telling me each show was on KING, the local NBC affiliate. It also knows I’m in the US. You can manually change the settings if you prefer, or it auto-detects improperly. It detected almost correctly for me. ;)

The site will also list DVD availability as well as webcast availability for any given show. The “WebTV” stuff isn’t entirely complete, or at least it didn’t list anything WebTV-related for Desperate Housewives when I know you can go to and watch it.

The biggest thing I could see them adding? RSS Feeds. I’d love to see an RSS Feed of my favorite shows. That way, I could track when a show is coming on without having to visit the site.

The other, burning question I have is: where’s the money? As in, how will the site make money? It’s a great idea, but if it doesn’t get bought by someone or doesn’t have a sustainable revenue stream, the site’s just going to die on the vine.

In any case, I will be keeping an eye on LocateTV, especially when the fall TV season starts.

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