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Feature Packed Phones Don’t Drive Sales? No Duh.

I have to laugh at this posting where Tom Keating points out a JD Power & Associates report that says most people don’t like phones with lots of features, they often get their phones based on price or design. This isn’t any surprise to me.

The vast majority of the people I know with a mobile phone use it to make and receive calls. That’s it. A subset of them will use SMS/text messages, some more regularly than others. Almost nobody uses MMS that I’m aware of (though my wife sent me an MMS one time). Most of the the people that I know that use data services on their phone are people that I work with and the company pays the bill. These people are tech-savvy, however. Most non-technical people I know don’t even care about data services on a phone.

While there is certainly a market for gadget-laden phones, the fact is a large chunk of the USA doesn’t use advanced phone features, nor do they care about them. They just want a phone that is reliable, cheap, has good RF, and looks good.  The Motorola Razr sells well not because it’s got a lot of features, but because it looks good.


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