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ChocoFlop: Cheap, Easy Photo Editing on Mac OS X

ChocoFlopEver since I started regularly posting pictures with my blog postings, I’ve been trying to find some way to make small adjustments to the screenshots I take. The main thing: I need to blur out private bits.  Why iPhoto doesn’t offer this functionality, I’ll never know.

Meanwhile, my searching finally led to a program called ChocoFlop. It does some basic picture editing, and allows me to blur bits of the picture. That’s basically all I need.

The program is shareware. You can pay as low as 14.99 Euros up to 99.99 Euros. Although the author has actually posted a license to his blog because he has not been able to spend enough time working on the program. The program does have some rough edges, but it does what I need it to do.

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