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Lots of VoIP Adapters

Prior to joining the staff at Voxilla, I already had two VoIP adapters: a Cisco ATA-186, and a Sipura SPA-2000. Since joining, I’ve got:

Of course, I don’t have all of this equipment hooked up at once — I don’t have enough Ethernet or power connections to support it all. But I can easily swap in and out equipment as needed. Everything speaks SIP (except for the Broadvox IP Phone, which speaks MGCP. With the exception of the provider-locked equipment and MGCP device, it’s easy to mix and match the equipment I need for the various types of testing I do. SIP is notorious for being interoperable and it comes in handy.

Of course, each of these devices have their pros and cons. I’ll save that for Voxilla. :)

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