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The Long Road Out of Eden–First Studio Album in 28 Years!

Long Road Out of EdenI realize this isn’t tech, and this may be news to people that actually follow the music industry closely, but I don’t. Most music out there sucks. Most of my musical tastes involve guys my dad’s age or older.

And someone, I thought The Eagles were done doing studio albums. However, now there’s word out that they’re just about to release a new studio album after 28 years. It’s not quite like Roger Waters reuniting with the rest of Pink Floyd for the Live 8 concerts a couple years back, but it ranks right up there.

It looks like this will be a double-album and sold, in the US anyway, through Walmart. Wonder if it will show up on iTunes. Oh yeah, I forgot. Universal hates Apple. *sigh. *Looks like if I want this, I’ll have to give my money to Walmart.

Meanwhile, you can see a video of a track of their new album called How Long.

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