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Power and Entertainment on Air Canada

USB and 110vOn a recent Air Canada flight, I got to experience their new in-flight entertainment system. It’s a touch screen with a number of different movies, TV shows, XM Radio (selected channels), and audio. All entertainment was available on-demand, meaning you could stop and start at any time, fast forward, rewind, etc. There were some “games” listed as well, however they were listed as “unavailable” when I tried to play them.

I took some other screenshots of the entertainment system, which I have posted on Twango. I have embedded the gallery below.


The main thing I used at my seat was the USB charger for my Nokia N800. My particular seat did not have the 110v charger there for whatever reason, but I could have easily used it if I wanted. With power, at least I didn’t need AirCanada’s entertainment system. I could easily use my own for as long as I wanted!

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