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Wheel of Fortune on the Nokia N73

Wheel of FortuneAnother one of the games I tried out via Nokia’s Download! catalogs is Wheel of Fortune. All the fun of the TV show in the palm of your hand!

There are two ways to play the game: the single game, and a “challenge” game. The single game involves playing 3 rounds against two other computer opponents. The second round is the “Jackpot” round and the third round is the “Mystery” round, just like in the TV game show. If you win, you play the traditional bonus game where after you pick your letters, you’ve got two minutes to input an answer to the bonus game.

The challenge round is a bit more like the classic “hangman” that Wheel of Fortune is based on. You are playing by yourself and you have 5 “turns” where each turn corresponds to guessing a letter incorrectly. If you can make it through three puzzles to the bonus round and get more than the “challenge” amount, which varies from game to game, then you win!

In both cases, the game play is fairly straightforward. You spin. If you land on a dollar amount, you pick a letter. If it’s in the puzzle, you can either buy a vowel (if you have $250 or more), spin again, or solve the puzzle.

This is obviously not a huge “action” game and requires knowledge of English words and phrases. It’s still a nice way to pass the time when you’ve got a few minutes to kill.

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