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How Many Laptops Do I Need?

Ubuntu LaptopWhat’s on the screen of this laptop should give you a hint as to why I might need so many laptops. Or not.

The fact of the matter is, I’m on the hook this week to present at this week’s WSTPA meeting regarding Ubuntu Linux. Because I don’t think PowerPoint presentations are all that useful, I’m doing a couple of different things:

  • Demonstrate the various tasks that people do on Windows and Ubuntu.
  • Give people ample opportunity to try Ubuntu Linux out for themselves on a variety of laptops.

I have a number of older laptops that I have essentially “recycled” from my work laptops. Mostly IBM Thinkpads, though I do have an incredibly old Toshiba Tecra that’s running XUbuntu on it. The nice thing about that is they can see just how well it runs on all this older hardware.

It’s possible this presentation, such that it is, might end up on BKAT (Kitsap County’s public access TV channel) and/or the Internet. Who knows. But this presentation is why I am needing lots of laptops.

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