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One thing that many people seem to lament on DSLReports VoIP Forum and other places is that how similar everyone’s service offerings are. Considering that places like Level 3, Global Crossing, and Broadvox sell pre-packaged services to service providers to “private label” and re-sell, it’s no surprise that so many of these services look so similiar.

The other thing I find boring about most of these service providers is that they are essentially attempting to replicate what the local phone company does in terms of features and function. They are not really providing anything all that advanced except for the transport mechanism. Most providers are not fully exploiting the full power of IP communications.

While VoIP is definately hitting the mainstream (especially with the AT&T CallVantage ads on the Olympics), I’m waiting for the real revolution to come. It’s not PSTN replacement (though it does a good job for that), it’s something more. Something I can’t quantify yet…

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