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Apple Violating More Than US Laws With Their Policy

iPhoneYou know, I’ve been following the iPhone story just like everyone else. I’ve read the stories of people unlocking their iPhone. I’ve also heard about Apple essentially not honoring warranties on unlocked phones. Today, they basically said in a press release that unlocked iPhones won’t be honored under warranty.

It was news to me that they were violating US Law, but assuming this policy holds in Europe as well, I’m sure they will run afoul of the various laws in the EU relating to mobile phone unlocking. As far as I know, and correct me if I’m wrong, in most EU countries, providers are required to provide unlock codes to the mobile phone at the end of the contract term. This means:

  1. Apple has a way to unlock these phones.
  2. Apple is going to have to honor the warranty on unlocked iPhones, especially if they buy Applecare.

That is, of course, assuming my understanding of the laws are correct and Apple continues down this “lock people out” path. What do you think?

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