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Timeband by Fairchild Model C-6110

Timeband C-6110I admit, this seems strange, writing about an alarm clock. But you have to understand. This is a piece of history. Not only history in terms of technology, as it was one of the first LED clocks ever produced–by Fairchild Semiconductor no less–but it’s a huge part of my history.

My mom bought this clock, probably between 1976 and 1977. Somehow I ended up with it. It’s been in continual service almost the entire time. It’s your basic run of the mill alarm clock with two important features: it could keep on ticking if a momentary power glitch occurred, and it had an alarm that could wake the dead.

Among all the other gadgets, gizmos, and electronics that have come and gone in my life, my alarm clock, ugly and yellowing with age, was always there. Yesterday, I noticed the clock in my son’s room on 12:00. I tried to set the time on it. It didn’t respond, except for the low buzzing sound it was now emitting.

It’s dead. If I had the time or inclination to, I could probably fix it. Electronics were much simpler back then. I opened it up to see if I could find the smoking semiconductor. Nothing obvious, maybe a loose sauder joint, but I didn’t see anything obvious.

I have no idea what this clock cost. Whatever it was, I’m sure we got our money’s worth. It lasted far longer than anyone thought it would, I’m sure.

Goodbye, old friend. You will be missed.

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