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Computers Revolting Against Me

HammerI spent a lot of the day dealing with computers and mobile phones. I do that every day, but today was different: things were in various states of sickness and needed repair.

My MacBook started developing that damn screen flicker again. Swapped the RAM and the hard drive for the original components. For good measure, I loaded a stock Mac OS X on the original hard drive. Of course the problem persists. Apple is dispatching me a box so I can ship it back to them. Meanwhile, I’ll use this underpowered PPC-based Mac Mini and hope Apple is quick at fixing my beloved MacBook.

Also, my iTunes library developed a problem where some entries that I thought I had deleted really weren’t. The only time the entries would show is via a SmartPlaylist. And because the items only appeared in a SmartPlaylist, I could not delete the entries! This meant only one thing: rebuilding the iTunes database.

Meanwhile, my Nokia E61 decided to continually crash over and over, even after a power cycle. After checking to see if there were any new firmware releases for this venerable handset, I did the format and re-install. Gave the handset a new lease on life. Installed a few less apps on it this time.

While I was checking my E61, I figured I’d pop the N95 onto Nokia Software Updater to see if there’s new firmware for that badboy. Sure enough, there is. It’s internal firmware at this point and it seems to have new and exciting stuff in it. In the interest of not upsetting the wrong people, I won’t say anything more than that except that this firmware occasionally causes the N95 to lock to the point where I need to pull the battery. Hey, it’s beta.

Obviously, all this mucking about has halted any real work getting done. sigh

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