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Back to Tri-Computing For A Bit

SynergyWhile my MacBook is being sent off to Apple yet again, I have to get work done. After spending a lot of time using my PowerPC-based Mac Mini, I decided I’d go back to a system that worked really well: my Linux/Mac/Windows combo with Synergy. And you know what, it works well!

The term “iri-computing” is inspired by the term I’ve heard Ken Rutkowski say on World Tech Roundup: bi-computing. That means using both PC and Mac. Well, folks, I’m happy to say I’m tri-computing. I use Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I tried using the Mac Mini as a Synergy server. It did not work well, at all. The mouse was very jerky and jumpy over on the “client” machine. However, the Mac Mini works great as a Synergy client.

Things have changed quite a bit since I did this last. Ubuntu is nearly releasing Gutsy Gibbon–and it looks pretty good. The Mac Mini hasn’t changed much, but the work PC certainly has. It means a small amount of reconfiguring of Synergy, but that’s par for the course.

Now I’ve got the best of all worlds: Linux for general web functions (works good, even on older hardware like this IBM T23 laptop), Mac for multimedia/iTunes, and Windows for the work stuff. And I get to dig into Gutsy Gibbon a little more while I’m at it. Not a bad way to work.

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