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Final Verdict on the HTC Mogul

HTC MogulNow that I’ve analyzed the snot out of my Nokia devices versus the HTC Mogul I got on loan from Qwest, it’s probably about time I give my final verdict.

Disclaimer: As I’ve said before, I work for a competitor of HTC and Microsoft in the smartphone arena. However, my day job does not involve smartphones except as a user. These are my opinions.

Before I give my verdict, I will mention a few other likes/dislikes about the device that I didn’t cover elsewhere. If you haven’t been following along, take a look at the entire series of articles where I compare my Nokia/S60 and the HTC Mogul/Windows Mobile combinations:


  • The physical “turn off radios” switch.
  • USB charging.
  • The 3G Speeds.
  • The device handles auto-connection switching fairly gracefully.


  • The device lock. Even if I slide open the keyboard, I still have to tap the screen twice to unlock the screen.
  • The device is not as quick at switching between landscape and portrait mode as I would have liked.
  • The “soft keys” are not positioned under the appropriate area of the screen where they belong.
  • The camera UI looks like your typical cheap camera UI: like crap.
  • The camera doesn’t take good pictures.

The final verdict: I wouldn’t spend my money on it. What do you think?

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