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Jaiku Joins The Great Google Collective

JaikuJaiku is one of my favorite micro blogging/lifestream aggregator service. The main reason: it leverages something I have with me all the time-my mobile phone. The Jaiku app is the second app I install on *any *S60 3rd Edition phone if it’s new or recently reformatted. (The first app? Mail for Exchange.)

I have been wondering what Jaiku’s business plan was for a while. Now that they’ve become part of Google, I don’t have to. I do still wonder where the monetization opportunities are, though.

The news broke this morning through the Jaiku Inner Circle group that I participate in. It then spilled over into Jaiku proper within moments. Exactly the way these things work.

I am a little disappointed my employer didn’t pick this service up, considering Jaiku is based in Finland and many are former employees of my employer. Who knows, maybe they’re looking at Twitter, which still has a lot of mind share, or (ugh) Pownce.

The downside, for those of you who aren’t already on the Jaiku train, is that they’ve shut down the ability to sign up. Supposedly existing members will be able to invite you, but I don’t see how I can invite people at the moment. If I get any invites, I’ll let you know.

The one thing I hope that comes immediately from this Google acquisition is the ability to search the lifestream. It’s something that seems to be missing now.

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