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Techdirt Insight Community

Techdirt Insight CommunityAs a blogger with a small following, I occasionally get asked to try various things. I was recently invited by the folks at Techdirt to participate in their Techdirt Insight Community. Guess someone thinks I provide insightful commentary every now and again. ;)

The idea behind Techdirt Insight Community could be best described as crowd-sourcing analysis and insight. Companies submit questions through Techdirt to the Insight Community. The community then chews on it. Techdirt and/or the company review the submsisions. The top contributors are paid a certain amount of money for their efforts.

Until you get your ratings up, which happens with regular, quality participation in the site, you may get contacted directly for your insight. You are guaranteed to be paid in this case, and more money to boot!

It’s a clever idea. Since I’m looking to increase my income, any opportunity to do that is always welcome. What’s even better is that, unlike my arrangement with Cerative Weblogging, I can still use the information I write in the Insight Community on my own blogs as well, subject to limitations related to confidential information, of course.

If you think you got the chops to do it, so sign up for the Techdirt Insight Community. Your blogs are your resume.

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