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This Week in PhoneBoy 14 October 2007

PhoneBoy ThumbnailThe folks at Creative Weblogging–the people behind Gadgets Weblog, VoIP Weblog, and a slew of others, were serving up a “compromised” creative–a ad with malicious intent. In short, what it was doing was redirecting people to a site that, if you were running Internet Explorer and had scripting turned on, would install malware on your box. I announced it on both my CW blogs here and here.

Fortunately for me, I usually browse with Firefox and the NoScript extension–on my Mac. Needless to say it didn’t do anything to my machine when I ran across it. I personally recommend browsing the Internet with that combination. Or, if you’re stuck on using IE, disable active scripting.

Anyway, with the help of the various editors at CW, the malicious ad was tracked down and removed from the CW network. There was much rejoicing.

Meanwhile, you can safely look at the following articles I wrote this past week:

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