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Make Time To Blog

Michael CerdaMichael Cerda’s blog is quite an entertaining read. One of his more recent entries explains how CEOs need to make time to blog.

I would argue more than just the CEO needs to make time to blog: the rank and file employees do too. Of course, in a corporate setting, that has the potential to be very *dangerous. However, I believe it also has the potential to be a very *good thing for the company. Transparency is being viewed as a good thing. The more your company blogs–the right way–the more transparent you appear to be.

My employer recently publicized their External blogging guidelines within the company. The guidelines contained a lot of the usual “don’t divulge confidential information” and “please ensure your opinions are labeled as such” types of statements.  The important thing in the guidelines is to become part of the industry conversation.

For me, blogging has opened a lot of doors that would not have opened up otherwise. I have made my share of mistakes doing this blogging thing, but on the whole, it’s been an entirely positive thing. Being part of  the industry conversation is a vital part of “networking” in this day and age.

Make time to blog. Not only for your company, if you so choose, but for yourself.

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