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WDS Mesh Revisited

WRT54GSAs I wrote before, I have a WDS mesh at my house. While the computers hooked into the downstairs WiFi routers connect up to my upstairs WiFi router just fine, my Mac and my PC laptops seem to have problems connecting to the WDS mesh.

Part of the problem was that in order to get my WDS mesh functional, I had to set it up in an inconsistent state–”Lazy” mode enabled on one router, disabled on another. This was because I was running Tomato on two of my routers and DD-WRT on a third.

Several days ago, I switched all of my routers back to DD-WRT and I was finally able to make the WDS mesh configuration consistent. Lazy WDS is now a thing of the past. I also moved my primary WiFi router approximately 10 feet closer to my slave WDS routers, which seems to have improved the signal strength.

The Mac? My Lenovo X60s? I will have to see if they connect properly downstairs. Been too busy to try it.

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