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An Evening with S60, Complete With PhoneBoy!

Evening With S60While I don’t live anywhere near San Francisco anymore, I am in the Bay Area to see my boss in Mountain View. And, of course, to go to the Evening With S60 Event. :)

I have never been to one of these events, but I’ve heard they are a blast from the various bloggers who have been invited. While I’m still definitely a blogger, I will be there officially representing Nokia, showing off handsets and applications. One app I will show off for sure is Jaiku.

For me, this represents an opportunity to meet people in a part of the company I don’t normally deal with. I’ll get to see how the other half lives a bit more up close and personal. I hope to make some great connections, both inside and outside Nokia. And, of course, HAVE FUN! The folks at MOSH will be having a party after the Evening with S60, and you can bet I’ll be there!

It’s too late to sign up for the event now, but for those of you who previously registered, I hope to see you this evening!

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