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Post-Mortem On Evening With S60 SF

I’ll spare the picture on this post since I posted a bunch of them already. Well, ok, I’ve got some more that I’ll do in a separate post. And I’ll probably do a post on my S60 blog also.

The evening went well. We had a number of fans from the Bay Area show up to hang out and socialize with those of us from Nokia. I talked with a few folks about the state of the industry, etc. I also took a brief look at a couple of Samsung’s S60 handsets. Weird seeing a Nokia UI on competing hardware.

I would have liked to have seen a bigger turnout and much less of a turnout at the party MOSH was throwing at the Ruby Skye. We couldn’t get in, so my co-worker, his girlfriend, and I went to a local diner for a late dinner.

Anyway, it was great fun. Ended up with a new Nokia bluetooth headset out of the deal as well as some other S60 swag. Would repeat the experience if I can figure out a way to make it to another one of these kinds of events.

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