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Opening A Dialog

It’s funny, this blogging thing. I, of course, started doing it just for fun. And in a way, I am still doing it just for fun.

It’s taken on a whole different flavor now that I’m doing it both for money and even [for *]1my day job*. Granted, I am not required to do it as it’s not part of my job. At least not at the moment.

The niche I have carved out for myself at work is related to managing the Knowledge Base for some Enterprise Solutions products. It is a very important thing for a support organization to do, but it’s something that is challenging for a number of reasons.

While I was traveling this past week, I had an epiphany that I think will make blogging an actual part of my job. I had the bright idea to do a blog–or something close anyway–specifically about my day job.  Yeah, like I need another blog. It won’t be done with the right tool for sure, but I think the important thing is opening a public dialog with the customer base.

Our Knowledge Base and Support web site have had numerous issues over the past several months. I know I get routed complaints from our TAC as well as direct customers. While we work to address these issues, I think it’s important to maintain an open dialog with the customers, both internal and external.

It will be some time before the system changes needed to make this a reality are launched, but it’s nice to know it’s happening and I have approval from my management to do it. Yay!

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