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Blogging Anywhere

Kids ComputersOur family is atypical. Or maybe it’s typical, but I don’t get out much, so I don’t know. But in my house, everyone has their own computer. Even my three year old has her own. Each child must login to their own computer. My daughter has an adult do it, but she’ll eventually learn. But not yet.

My typical nighttime routine is to go downstairs and feed the cats. Since both cats have to eat different food and they can’t eat each other’s food, I have to eventually let one of them out of a room with a closed door. That means I need to hang out downstairs if I want any hope of remembering.

Meanwhile, I blog. Usually on my son’s computer, but sometimes on my daughter’s computer. I can get gioing and be down there a couple of hours. I may go back upstairs and work in my office some, or I might call it a night. Depends on what I need to do or how tired I am.

The point is: I can blog from most any computer in my house, or any Internet-connected computer for that matter. It almost doesn’t matter what computer I do it from. I think that’s pretty cool, but maybe I’m not the norm.

And honestly, most of my day job can also be done from any computer, anywhere I happen to be. Give me Internet access and I can do the rest. Some tasks are better suited for my VPN-connected laptop, but I can get the basic tasks done from anywhere.

What do you think about this? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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