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Nokia N810 Wins Best Overall Product at CTIA

Nokia N810Last week at Evening With S60, I did get to see a Nokia N810 very briefly. Major differences between my N800 and this device:

  • Slide-out keyboard (N800 has no keyboard)
  • Camera isn’t on a pop-out cylinder, but on the outside
  • Built-in GPS
  • 2gb of internal storage (versus an SD slot)
  • Different battery, but same capacity

It is quite the device. I can tell you that the N810 software (OS2008), which also runs on the N800, is a definite step-up from the previous version (OS2007). While I’m playing with OS2008 now, thanks to being a Nokia employee and knowing the right people, the rest of you will have to wait until it ships.

Meanwhile, the folks at Laptop Magazine thought the N810 was pretty keen when they saw it at the recent CTIA conference in San Francisco. They awarded it Best Overall Device at CTIA. That’s funny, because it’s not a mobile phone. Then again, with Skype and Gizmo Project installed, you can make and receive phone calls on it. :)

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