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Permalink Migration For WordPress

SignsFor those who don’t know, a permalink is a URL by which you will always be able to reference a specific post on a blog or a website. When you install WordPress, you are given a choice as to how you want these links to look. I chose the particular permalink structure I had been using for one simple reason: backward compatibility with the Drupal version of this blog.

Those folks that practice Search Engine Optimization say that having more descriptive words in your permalinks is helpful. In order to not break my own internal links, not to mention everyone else’s, I had to have some way to redirect all the links. I tried mucking about with mod_rewrite on Apache, which caused more problems than it solved. Fortunately, I found a plugin that will do it for me.

All I have to do is install the plugin, feed it my old permalink structure, configure my new one, and I’m done. How cool is that?

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