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SpinVox–Voice To Text

SpinVox BlastI got to meet James Whatley from SpinVox at the Evening with S60 event in San Francisco last month. Got to watch him show off SpinVox to the folks at the event. He also showed me some secret stuff they’re working on that I’m sure will see the light of day soon enough.

Anyway, SpinVox is a voice-to-text service that provides a number of interesting uses, such as voicemail to text, voice to email, voice to sms, voice to many SMS (“blast”), voice to social networks–a few people occasionally use it to update Jaiku–and voice to blog. Yes, you can blog through the sound of your voice.

The voicemail feature requires $6 to $20/mo service plan, depending on the number of translations. The other services are currently free on a trial basis. Quite an interesting service, though it might be a little pricey for my needs.

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