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Mail For Exchange Goes 2.1

MfE AppMy current favorite way to get my email and contacts synced to my mobile phone has gotten a software update recently. The only new feature in this release is the fact the Company Directory function can be downloaded as a separate SIS file. This is useful for folks that need to be able to look up corporate phone numbers, but don’t want the overhead of a full Mail for Exchange installation.

There are, of course, a number of bugfixes in the release. Nothing earth shattering that I can tell so far, though if you are sporting a Nokia N81 or an 8GB N95, you’re now supported. I simply loaded it over my existing 2.0 installation on my Nokia E61i and off I went, doing a Full Resync for good luck. The release notes state this isn’t necessary for upgrades from 2.0, but it is necessary if you are upgrading from an earlier release.

I find the easiest way to download Mail for Exchange from my mobile handset is via Catalogs or Download!, depending on the handset, though you can also go to if the application doesn’t show up there for some reason.

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