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LouderVoice: Instant Reviews Over SMS

LouderVoiceYou’re some place new. You want to let people know about the experience while it is still fresh in your mind. What do you do?

Enter LouderVoice. It’s a kind of microblogging service, but it’s geared around capturing reviews of, well, anything. You simply send a specially formatted SMS to +353-87-9409325 (That’s Ireland, if you don’t know). Your review is indexed and viewable by anyone. That review can automatically be posted to your blog, if you so desire.  Eventually, we’ll see integration with Jaiku, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube (how’s that gonna work?).

The service is free except for whatever it costs you to send a text message to Ireland. It’s an interesting idea I plan on watching. Press release after the jump.


Cork, Ireland – November 18, 2007 – LouderVoice, the reviews web-site that gets you heard, has just launched SMS reviewing. Just had the best meal ever? Seen the worst movie? Drunk a mediocre Chardonnay? Now you can have your opinion visible within seconds to a global internet audience by sending a simply formatted text message to +353-87-9409325.

Every day we each encounter products and services that range from incredible to awful and feel the need to let others know. Word of mouth gets you so far but Web word of mouth gets you a lot further. Bandon based LouderVoice was founded to help great reviewers get noticed wherever they review. If you express your opinion on a blog, micro-blog, social network and now even on a mobile phone, then LouderVoice gets your valuable knowledge to a bigger audience.

CEO Conor O’Neill also revealed that this unique approach to reviews has resulted in LouderVoice being the only Irish company selected in a group of 30 for the prestigious Le Web 3 start-up competition in Paris on December 11th.

SMS reviews only cost standard network rate to Ireland and may be free if web-text is used. Reviews are in the format “Review Rating1to5 ItemName. Opinon” e.g. Review 4 Daily Bugle. This newspaper covers the news in the Faroe Islands better than any other.

SMS reviewing is just the first in a wide range of features that LouderVoice is releasing between now and Christmas at

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