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Nokia N81 8GB: That Syncing Feeling–With iTunes on Mac, Anyway

Nokia Media TransferOne of the things I have oh-so appreciated as of late is the Nokia Multimedia Transfer application. It has made syncing music and media from my Mac to my Nokia Nseries and Eseries devices a good experience. It’s not nearly as fast as my iPod Shuffle, but at least it makes it just about as simple: plug and play.

Up until a few days ago, I was unable to actually use Nokia Multimedia Transfer with the Nokia N81 8GB. Oh sure, the phone still isn’t supported my Nokia Multimedia Transfer, but I was able to get a hacked profile to allow the N81 8GB to work properly. Now my sync bliss can be restored.

To get this working:

  1. Download the profile
  2. Quit Nokia Multimedia Transfer
  3. Locate the Nokia Multimedia Transfer application in the Finder (usually in the Applications folder)
  4. Right-click and select Show Package Contents
  5. Navigate to Content/Resources/Profiles
  6. Copy the new profile into this folder
  7. Start Nokia Multimedia Transfer
  8. Connect your N81 and follow the directions

If you get errors about not being able to browse the file system after setting up the phone, you may need to delete your ~/Library/Application Support/Nokia Multimedia Transfer folder.

Meanwhile, NMT is claiming that it will take roughly two and a half hours to sync four gigabytes worth of MP3s to my phone. For comparison, the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle will sync a gigabyte in just a few minutes. This is abysmal sync performance–something my employer clearly needs to address in future products.

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