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Nokia N81 8GB: The Camera

20071117028The least impressive part of the Nokia N81 8GB, from my point of view, is the camera. Perhaps it is because I am spoiled by the N95′s 5 megapixel goodness, but let’s face it: the N81 is a music device, not really a camera device. I was not happy with a single shot I took with the camera. I posted a couple of pictures I took here.

Disclaimer: I might work for Nokia, but this is my blog and my opinions.


Unlike most of the Nseries devices, the camera appears to be missing the ability to take “Sports” shots. This does a better job of capturing people in-motion than the other modes. The fact this mode isn’t present basically means all your subjects have to be still. Nothing in my life is still, so that pretty much rules this device out as a useful camera.

Of course, you still have the Online Share and Lifeblog stuff so you can share what pictures you do manage to capture with the world fairly easily. However, I just didn’t find too many of the photos I took worth sharing.

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