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Nokia N81 8GB: The Battery

Nokia N81 8GBAfter the firmware upgrade to the Nokia N95, I switched back to the Nokia N95 for a couple of days to see how the new 20.0.015 firmware worked. It worked especially good. However, one problem remained: the absolute crap battery life. Yes, I have an N95-1, which has the 950mAh battery, and the way I use the phone, it doesn’t last the day. Maybe if I had the N95-3, it might last. Maybe.

Meanwhile, I’ve switched back to the N81 8GB. Here’s why: the battery can last the day. I use the phones basically the same: music/podcasts playing through the loudspeakers, Mail4Exchange email, various web surfing (over WiFi and GPRS/EDGE), Jaiku, and of course, phone calls. Through all that, the phone gets down to somewhere between 2 and 4 bars of battery life left at the end of the day.

Ricky Cadden compared the N81 8GB’s battery life to the Nokia N73, which had awesome battery life. The N73 lacked WiFi, so it’s not an entirely fair comparison, but I think I have to agree. It gets exceptional battery life, given how much I use it.

The only thing I really miss from the Nokia N95 is the camera, which is why it still has a place in my pocket beside the N81 8GB.

(Photo courtesy of whatleydude)

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