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Giving My 7 Year Old A Mobile Phone

2007.11.30Here’s something I never thought I’d be doing–giving my 7 year old a cell phone! He went somewhere with a friend on Saturday and he was a bit nervous. My wife asked me to dig up a phone to give him. I do have two SIMs through work, but I’d rather not give him one of those.

Fortunately, I had an unactivated AT&T GoPhone SIM from a phone purchase I made a while back. The SIM comes with $10 of airtime, which even at $0.25 a minute, is more than enough time for Jaden to call home in case something goes awry. And because I already had the SIM card, this “experiment” didn’t cost me any money, even if he lost the phone–which he didn’t.

Since I do not expect this will be something I will regularly need to do, I have no plans to put anymore minutes on this SIM. If I need to do this again, I can get a new SIM card with airtime off eBay for about $10. Depending on how this goes, I may buy another one of these SIM cards for just such an occasion.

The phone I gave him? My trusty Nokia 6230. It’s obviously long in the tooth by today’s standards, but it’s just fine for a 7 year old.

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